Who we are

Safey Only Shop is the online store of Swiss Safety Distribution, a private company dedicated to the distribution of Invisible Protective Devices, with a special focus on Respiratory Protection Equipment.

Thanks to the important experiences gained in the Petroleum, Chemical, Manifacturing, Naval, Automotive, Food and Military sectors (riot control and CBRN), we are able to submit solutions that effectively support the Company's performance, providing benefits in terms of simplicity of management, in the medium term, on a regular basis, on-site training of the Operators.

The products we sell are::

  • Respirators for limited use and negative pressure, positive pressure self-contained breathing apparatus and relative filters
  • Turboventilatori
  • Helmets and Cap collars Antislip, visors and goggles
  • Portable and fixed gas detectors
  • Clothing Compressed Air
  • Showers and emergency pallets

What do we do

Our goal is to increase the safety and comfort of the Operators, creating a deeper understanding of the most modern devices available on the market, thus providing the opportunity to test new materials different from what is commonly available in Switzerland.

All our Technicians are formally enabled to perform all the maintenance work on the dpi we distribute, even on-site thanks to our Mobile Officina. We have an Internal Rapporteur in charge of designing and implementing specific courses to meet the needs of our Product Users.